• 30th April, 2019
  • LEXUS – THE ‘SILENT KILLER’ From a long time, we were waiting to have something new in our city Vadodara. Soon, we got the good news that LEXUS is coming to ‘THE SANSKARI NAGRI’ and we were too excited and set to welcome the luxury brand of TOYOTA. We were all set to welcome the LEXUS cars, got our camera out and Harsh couldn’t control his excitement to test drive the car and was roaming all over the venue, anxiously waiting for the cars. And the moment he saw the cars coming, his facial expression changed drastically and he forgot all the things around him and just kept seeing the car. We were sure that he will check the sedan first (he loves sedan) and started walking towards the LEXUS ES 300h, started giving his introduction to the team who came along and then he was completely into it. The LEXUS NX 300h seemed waiting ;) THE EXTERIOR What a car! That’s the first thing you will say when you see this beauty (Lexus ES 300h). The design structure of the car is completely different. Any shot we took was a perfect one as the car looked fabulous from all the angles. Whether it be 3 eyed Bi-Beam LED head lamps or the distinctive & sharp front face or the extraordinarily designed alloy wheels or the L shaped LED Rear combination lamps, everything is just perfectly placed in this fabulous car ‘THE LEXUS ES 300h’. The side low stance of the car looks gorgeous and we knew that this car will surely have more legroom inside it but what caught our attention is the low ground clearance. This was a point of concern for us but it was soon cleared by the LEXUS TEAM that it can be increased with the help of dampers on customer request. Harsh reached the rear of the car and did something with the leg which automatically opened the boot and looking at the space we were surprised to see a massive boot which will never let you down. THE INTERIOR The 12.3inch Electro Multi Vision display will surely catch your attention first as soon as you enter in the car. The multi information display is also offered which almost has all statistics to display about the car. But, there is more to come, you also have a HEAD UP DISPLAY unit in large colour, displayed on the windscreen which adds to its unique offered feature list. The powerful energy efficient air conditioning system ensured that we don’t feel the outside heat and that the temperature is maintained inside the cabin. The ventilated seats on the front added to the comfort. The 4 way electronically adju

NISSAN GTR - Sports Car Legacy

  • 22nd February, 2019
  • Nissan's GTR a car which everybody dreams of having it. GTR is a supercar which everybody dreams off having it. GTR has a great history in itself. It's just not another car but a supercar which is made with affection and passion at the same time. Nissan's GTR has a lot of features to offer whether it be giving adaptive drive modes or giving a performance like race track immediately, this car will surely give you goosebumps.


  • 22nd February, 2019
  • BMW is always known for it's performance and driving dynamics. We have been fortunate enough to test our hands on the ALL NEW BMW 530 D M Sport. This car is truly a beast. There are a lot of extraordinary features which this beautiful car is offering. To start with we got the new display key out of our pocket and with it's first in kind remote parking key we got the car out of the garage without anyone sitting in the car. Isn't just amazing! The interior of the car is too luxurious and sportier at the same time. BMW 530d is also known for its driving dynamics and herein you will find 3 different modes to drive the car and the 4th one is the adaptive mode wherein the car will adapt to drivers driving condition. The stability of the car is fabulous and once you shift the car in sport mode this beast will transform itself in the sport car which has extraordinary power. Overall the ALL NEW BMW 530d is a car to suit your city & highway needs.